Probate & Estate Planning

It is a very emotional time when a loved one is lost, but there are important matters to be handled and decisions to be made; creditors must be contacted, rights of family members must be established, and assets need to be distributed. In Florida, your must have an attorney help you with these issues. The attorneys at Rachel Rall, Attorney at Law, P.A. are ready to help you through the probate maze.

Do you currently have a Last Will and Testament? Without one, you leave it up to Florida law to determine who will benefit from your estate. Important decisions,  such as who will be the guardian of your minor children, who will get your home, and who will share in your bank account and life savings could all be determined by an outside party. Whether you have a large estate or a modest home, ensure your legacy is protected and your final wishes are carried out by having our team of experienced probate attorneys draft the necessary documents for you. We will carefully prepare your will, paying close attention to detail, and make sure we find a solution that best protects your interests.

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